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The R&A and the USGA have been responsible for editing the rules of golf since its inception. But in 2014, a reflection on the simplification and understanding of the application of these rules was started. The new 2019 edition rules book is the result of these reflections and, sometimes, calls into question our good old habits. Here is a short overview of the new rules:

1/Get ready to play differently

1/ If you accidentally move your ball looking for it, there is no longer a penalty

2/ If you accidentally move your ball or your mark on the putting green there is no more penalty

3/ Your moving ball accidentally touches you, your equipment, shopping cart, flag … there is no more penalty

4/ Instead of dropper at shoulder height, the ball is now dropped at knee height

5/ The search time of a possibly lost ball passes to 3 minutes instead of 5.

You could think it’s over but still not…

Rickie Fowler s'amusant des nouvelles règles, START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE
Rickie Fowler s’amusant des nouvelles règles, START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE

6/ You can clear a plugged ball everywhere (except in a bunker), unless a local rule restricts the area to the fairway

7/ You can change the ball at each release, without penalty (after marking a ball on a green for example)

8/ There is no more penalty if a ball is hit from the green and it hits the flag left in the hole.

9/ You can repair any damage on the green. This is no longer limited to pitches and traces of old holes.

10/ You can touch the green or your line of putt by indicating the target as long as it does not improve the conditions of the shot.

2/ Ready to play?

This dozen new rules will be very useful, both during a competition such as START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE Events, and to accelerate the rhythm of your weekly games.

The rules book has been completely redesigned, made even more fun and accessible thanks to explanatory diagrams. A real blow of youth on centuries old rules!

To know more, please visit the official website of the R&A



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Thomas Morant


If I had ever been told that I would be asked to sign a note to get out of my house, I wouldn’t have believed it..

1/ 1st day out 

I got up early this morning to get ready and above all not to forget anything for this first day of recovery. We meet at the parking lot of the National. We are all masked and respect the safety distances to go to the counter which is exceptionally located in the large hall of the Club House.

We are given our token for the driving range, which we retrieve on the edge of the counter. No contact, everything is very well organised.
The driving range is designed to receive very few players. Every second mat has been removed.

Golf National , l'Albatros
START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE -Team au Golf National pour une reprise

We arrive on the driving range, it is rather cool, the sun is in front of us, and we start to warm up. The body is not warm, a sensation of pain mixed with excitement. Luckily the putting goes better, even if it’s been a long time since we had forgotten the National Putting Green..


2/ What about the course

We show up on tee number one after making ourselves known to the starter
Magic start, the sun is here, and we know it’s going to be a beautiful day.
The course is unmarked, no divot, no pitch on the greens.
It’s like the first day of practice at the Ryder cup. We took pictures so stop reading, just watch 🙂

Golf National

au golf National
START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE – au golf National

There is no doubt that the participants of the START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE and the MY PITCH IS GOOD contest will get an amazing quality of course at Golf des Yvelines. Join Us !

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Fabrice Clément


The funds raised by French Tech continue to grow from year to year. And we could set a new record in 2019. More than 1.1 billion euros were already raised in the first quarter, during 165 operations. The 4 billion euro mark could therefore be crossed.

1/A durable growth

The growth of French Tech has been sustainable for several years. Since 2016, the funds raised have steadily increased. In 2016, they were 2.20 billion euros, in 2017 of 2.56 billion, in 2018 of 3.62 billion.

To make a comparison, in 2018 Q1, 800 million euros had been raised against 1.1 billion this year, an increase of 30%.

Nombre de tours de table et montant des levées de fonds depuis 2017 en France
Nombre de tours de table et montant des levées de fonds depuis 2017 en France

2/ Higher fundraising

Since the beginning of 2019, we observe the same phenomenon as in 2018. A number of rounds of almost stable table, but committed means which increase strongly.

Indeed, if the tickets of less than five million euros still represent the majority of rounds, we can note an increase of more than 25% tickets over 5 million euros. If 33 lifts were made in the first quarter of 2018, there was a 25% increase in the first quarter of 2019 with 43 lifts. Among these raised, 23 more than 10 million euros against 19 in 2018.

3/ More and more huge fundraising

If we take into account the beginning of April, France already has four mega levées, ie rounds of tables of more than 100 million euros. In February, Insect raised 110 million euros to increase the alternative protein model. Doctolib raised 150 million euros in March. This platform of E-health has thereby become the fifth French unicorn. In early April, the e-commerce platform specializing in gardening and DIY ManoMano raised 110 million euros. Finally, HR Path, which specializes in HR solutions for companies, has raised 100 million euros.


These mega lifts are becoming more important. In 2017, the biggest French mega-levy was 71 million euros (Activy), and 3 had crossed the 100 million mark in 2018. France already broke its record after four months in France. 2019 and seems to be gradually catching up with its European neighbors and competitors such as Germany and the United Kingdom.


The French Tech is doing well, and this is confirmed from year to year. 2019 is off to a flying start. The START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE is the opportunity to show, through a day dedicated to entrepreneurship, innovation and networking, the good health of this sector, by meeting entrepreneurs and investors on the land. golf but also during a pitch session, MY PITCH IS GOOD.


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Thomas Morant


Arnold Schwarzenegger born just after WWII in Austria and move to the US during his childhood. First of all, he knew a first career in bodybuilding. In the 70’s, he won 5 Mister Unver’s title and 7 Olympia’s (most famous bodybuilding category). Then he was know as a very famous actor with several cult characters such as Conan the Barbar, Terminator or more recently, on the Expendables. He finally was known as a politician, as the Governor of the State of California from 2003 to 2011.

A course as varied as it is punctuated with success that it owes to principles of which it has never been freed.

Arnold Schwarzenegger acteur, à gauche dans Conan le Barbare, à droite dans Terminator
Arnold Schwarzenegger acteur, à gauche dans Conan le Barbare, à droite dans Terminator

1/ Trust yourself

Since you have an idea, a goal in mind, you should never lose sight of this idea. Never forget that you live your life for yourself and not by proxy, whether for teachers, parents, friends. The most important thing is to be happy to get up in the morning and to be fulfilled in your work.

2/ Break the rules

It is not a question here of breaking the law but of breaking the established order, of being innovative. So many rules are already established on so many topics that the goal is to think beyond, out of his comfort zone, without becoming the Original, but know how to stand out, what otherwise, what is our role on this earth ?

3/ Don’t be afraid to fail

Any project can experience failure. It is necessary to know how to draw from these failures a force to better rebound. We can’t always win, but we must not be afraid to make decisions that would prevent us from moving forward. To believe in his project and in his vision is paramount.

4/ Never listen to the naysayers

Even if some people have already tried an experiment, without it succeeding; that does not mean that you will not succeed. Do not pay attention to people who tell you who it is impossible. Do you always say that everything is possible.

5/ Work hard

We have nothing for nothing and success never comes alone. Muhammad Ali said that he began counting his rehearsals only when he began to ache, because at that moment the effort began. You have to know how to surpass yourself. Of course the moments of relaxation are important, but we must keep in mind that during these moments, somewhere else, another works, amassing knowledge, getting ahead.

6/ Give back

Regardless of the path taken, finding the time to transmit the accumulated knowledge to others is essential. This transmission will bring you more satisfaction than anything else.

Find the whole Arnold Schwarzenegger’ speech in the video below:

Some key factors that would inspire START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE and My Pitch Is Good participants, on June 20th 2019

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Thomas Morant

The 8th Novembre 2017, GP Bullhound presented for the 3rd year, its survey about TITANS of TECH 2017. This well-documented document is available on the site GP-Bullhound.

The purpose of this survey is to give a clear visibility about European Tech Companies health from a financial performance perspective. The aim is also to detect the eventual shift from a Unicorn Status to a Titan one.

In Fact, the study highlights the definition of Titan. To be a Titan, you must have external growth completed by investment in capital from Funds.

Furthermore, you have to be an indisputable leader in your market. You need to have quickly grown to a valuation over 50 billion dollars. Of course this company must be “WorldWide”.

For the time being, Our first 3 Europeans, Delivery Hero, Spotify and Zalando have raised over $ 1.8 billion and made 12 acquisitions to date. But they can not define themselves as Titan. These companies can reach so far, over $ 10 billion.

We are far from companies like Facebook, Tesla or Uber. Each one has an estimated value of more than $ 50 billion.

The Titans of Tech Study 2017, pinpoints the fact that it is necessary for the European leaders to increase their capital opening. This in order, to compete with the average raised funds in Asia or in the US which is five times higher than what is done in Europe.

In this study, we can see that Spotify, Zalando and Supercell are the European Companies whose valuation is over $ 10 Billion..

According GP Bullhound, Which companies are growing strongly ?

According to the study, over the last 17 years, 57 companies valued over $ 1 billion each, have allowed a better attractiveness for investments.

The growth of their trust sympathy has been fostered by a track proven expertise and the ability to attract new talent.

From these 57 large companies, 72% are already profitable, this is the case for CRITEO, XING or SUPERCELL.

The other 28% are unprofitable so far. But their growth suggests a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) at 103%, 2 times higher than those above stated.

The companies to follow in this 28% are represented by 15 companies like BLA BLA CAR, ROCKET INTERNET, or TRIVAGO.

You Want to know more ? You want to discover the Start-ups World ? We invite you to request the Titans of Tech study directly on the GP BullHound website. Of course we welcome you join us and discuss with future French unicorns by registering at START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE .



START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE 2018 just come to you under a new design.

He is getting a makeover to prepare a second edition that will mark the spirits. Indeed, as you certainly know, 2018 is the year of all the challenges for France.

RYDER CUP at Golf National is a great event. As a matter of fact, it is the first time that this competition is organized in France. It will gather on 28, 29 and 30 September 2018, the best American golfers against the best European players.

in the same way, the START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE will bring face to face for the second edition two families.

ENTREPRENEURS and INVESTORS for a commun gaol, to win the START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE 2018.

Thus ENTREPRENEURS will have to dethrone the family INVESTORS, the last edition winners.

So it’s a nice revenge that will be announced on JUNE 1, 2018

We propose you a complete program combining sports competition in the morning, lunch and Networking as well as Session Pitchs: “MY PITCH IS GOOD”.

During this session, shortlisted start-upers will be able to pitch their company in front of investors looking for opportunities. We’ve had to rethink the site with a different design where images and videos will have all their places.


A new section dedicated to NEWS with this first article which will begin a long series of articles written especially for you.

We hope the topics will interest you. Indeed, various fields such as golf, news of start-ups, economy, innovation, and many other topics will be discussed.

This News part belongs to you. Also, do not hesitate to share your events, your successes, your videos, or any other challenge that deserves to be disclosed.

The new START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE 2018 site is also backed by a dedicated site for MY PITCH IS GOOD. In the afternoon a Pitch session is organized. Therefore all start-ups who wish to register on will be able to register on the forthcoming site

Enjoy your visit, and feel free to register for the next START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE the 1st of JUNE 2018

Introduction to GDPR. Dear fellow entrepreneurs, on May 25, 2018, you have to do 2 important things. You have to register, with a few delay at START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE to be held on JUNE 1, 2018

You will bring your company into compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and it will be both for you to appoint on your team a Data Protection Officer more commonly known as the DPO

The consulting and event agency dedicated to Start-Ups GOWEEZ, will quickly highlight the important points to keep in mind for this compliancy. Don’t worry, you have 2 full years to comply (until May 2018). But the task should not be underestimated.

1/ First of all, who is concerned with the RGPD?

In fact, 9 out of 10 companies. In other words, everyone.

The data is everywhere, it is managed in many ways. So the impact of the GDPR will be at certain levels.

But the fact remains that we are all concerned, the user, the customer, the visitor, the consumer, the leader. Only 9% of French companies are “RGPD compatible”.

Collaborate with the data collected, you are responsible for the security, transparency, responsibility and notification of personal data and therefore you must ensure a legal framework, contract, clause of respect for privacy, disclaimer on website, etc.

2/ Registry of processing activities

Companies employing more than 250 people will have to keep a record of processing. As a result it will includes all the activities made regarding any update, the categories of data and therefore the persons concerned, or the shelf life.

This document should also describe the technical and organizational security measures put in place. A DPO will be appointed and will become responsible for the registry

3/ Hello, i’m the Data Protection Officer !

So, the DPO is an employee of the company who can not come from certain functions of the company, for example CEO, COO, DSI, HR or Marketing Director. This person is necessarily located in Europe and must be reachable in his language. Important ! he is independent of his hierarchy.

4/ Right to be forgotten or the “Privacy by Design”

An accurate mapping of data will be needed, where to find them? what is it for? do we really need it? Therefore a certain number of devices will be put in place during the surfer’s surfing.

The design or architecture of the site must allow any user to know why he is asked for his data, and how he can delete them at any time

5/ GDPR, for which sanctions ?

An administrative fine of up to 4% of the company’s global turnover.

Authorities may also: Issue a warning, put the company on notice, temporarily or permanently limit processing, suspend data flows, order to meet requests for exercise of the rights of individuals or order rectification, limitation or erasing the data.

You will understand, the subject requires “a little methodology” to say a lot. it’s a team work that requires a structured organization.

To learn more about the subject and not miss anything on this new European regulation, you can visit the site of the CNIL which presents the different steps to move to the RGPD.

This shift of responsibility will add additional pressure on the leader’s shoulders.

Therefore, it will be necessary to demonstrate that compliancy work have been initiated.


Check out more info on START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE

During the day of the START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE, many opportunities are offered to present your Start-Up and declaim your pitch in different forms..

The afternoon session “MY PITCH IS GOODis an important moment for entrepreneurs.

Start-ups who wish will be shortlisted by our partners, and will come “pitching” in front of an audience not yet convinced. The peculiarity of “My Pitch Is Good” is that you only have one medium: your voice!

Therefore, no video projector, no slides on which we would be tempted to stay frozen. Here it is your presence, your charisma that will speak, your words will have a great importance.

They will translate your manner and your grandiloquent tone. For this day, we will give you a little help, and give you three small practical tips from professionals.

1/ The Posture

Indeed, if you have already followed Theater classes, you will certainly remember what your teacher said.

“Stand up straight, be proud of what you stand for, give your body the best language you can”. this in order to convey the assurance and motivation that inspires you.

Your hands “speak”, they support your speech, do not underestimate them.

2/ Practice

A “golf” term that you already know !

Therefore, you have to demonstrate the same seriousness as you do at the “Driving Range”.

Work out in front of your bathroom mirror, shaving in the morning, or in the office in front of your associates / colleagues.

It does not matter where, when. But coming without being trained would be a fatal mistake. We have seen too many leaders who presented the project with a dynamism close to that of the turtle.

3/ Your Pitch

Declaming a speech, having the sense of rhetoric or formula, is not given to all

This joins point number 2. Use sentences you feel comfortable with. Do not look for words play. They might be misunderstood.

“keep it simple”! Use your “Wording” . Work on your speech to get a catchy tone and make sure you captivate the audience, but not “too much”. It would be fatal.

Nicolas Boileau-Despréaux wrote : “An idea that is well designed is clearly stated, and the words come easily

here it is, all you have to do is to train yourself and to register on to participate the 1st JUNE 2018 at the START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE, at MY PITCH IS GOOD session.

It Might be Wondered how Tiger Woods has become one of the most iconic personalities in golf! We will quickly return to the career of the so-called “Tiger”

1/ Tiger Woods youth

Eldrick Tont Woods was born on December 30, 1975 in California. He is considered by many Golfers as one of the greatest golfers that golf courses have ever worn. His father is a former veteran of Vietnam.

He quickly nicknamed him Tiger in tribute to one of his friends who had fought alongside him. His father, Earl Woods, introduced him very quickly to the Golf. Indeed, his father had a handicap of 3.

Therefore, the young tiger could count on a quick and effective learning of swing fundamentals.

It is at 3 years that his notoriety is launched in the emission of Mike Douglas. Indeed, he is applauded by the actor Bob Hope to present his first swing live on television.

This sudden mediatization was due to a feat already noticed by his Dad. Indeed, at the age of 2, Tiger realized on a Par 9 (thus 36 shots) a score of 48. His first victory, it was for these 3 years. His father enrolled him in a competition of less than 10 years on a Pitch and Putt. Tiger left with his first trophy..

His first coach Rudy Duran, did not expect that this little guy, would become this exceptional champion.

At age 5 Tiger, sitting on the lap of Fran Tarkenton, was the guest on the show “That’s Incredible”.

It was also at this age that his first article in Golf Digest appeared

Then, it is the sequence of achievements of the little prodigy. Indeed, he won the Junior World Championship 6 times and at 9, he made his first card below 80 shots. At 12 years old he is “scratch”! and even pushes up to 70 shots.

2/ His professional debut

The Tiger boosts the economy of the Golf. We talk about the “Tiger Effect”, because its presence at tournaments becomes indispensable for the sponsors and the media.

The prize money awarded to the winner between 1996 and 2010 was multiplied by 4. in 1997 he won his first big major, the Masters with a score of -18.

He continued his momentum and won 3 other tournaments the same year and became world number one.

With nearly $ 1 billion raised, Tiger Woods was for a long time the sportsman who made the most money in his career.

3/ And now, what will he do ?

He is back on the tour this year after more than a year of convalescence due to back problems and today is the beginning of the Hero World Challenge.

Therefore, we can conclude that Tiger Woods is ready to meet the best players on the circuit.

Dustin Johnson, Rickie Fowler or Justin Thomas will be on hand to collect the $ 3.5 million endowment.

Do not forget to subscribe to participate at the START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE 2018 throw this link ici.