My Pitch Is Good ! How to succeed…

During the day of the START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE, many opportunities are offered to present your Start-Up and declaim your pitch in different forms..

The afternoon session “MY PITCH IS GOODis an important moment for entrepreneurs.

Start-ups who wish will be shortlisted by our partners, and will come “pitching” in front of an audience not yet convinced. The peculiarity of “My Pitch Is Good” is that you only have one medium: your voice!

Therefore, no video projector, no slides on which we would be tempted to stay frozen. Here it is your presence, your charisma that will speak, your words will have a great importance.

They will translate your manner and your grandiloquent tone. For this day, we will give you a little help, and give you three small practical tips from professionals.

1/ The Posture

Indeed, if you have already followed Theater classes, you will certainly remember what your teacher said.

“Stand up straight, be proud of what you stand for, give your body the best language you can”. this in order to convey the assurance and motivation that inspires you.

Your hands “speak”, they support your speech, do not underestimate them.

2/ Practice

A “golf” term that you already know !

Therefore, you have to demonstrate the same seriousness as you do at the “Driving Range”.

Work out in front of your bathroom mirror, shaving in the morning, or in the office in front of your associates / colleagues.

It does not matter where, when. But coming without being trained would be a fatal mistake. We have seen too many leaders who presented the project with a dynamism close to that of the turtle.

3/ Your Pitch

Declaming a speech, having the sense of rhetoric or formula, is not given to all

This joins point number 2. Use sentences you feel comfortable with. Do not look for words play. They might be misunderstood.

“keep it simple”! Use your “Wording” . Work on your speech to get a catchy tone and make sure you captivate the audience, but not “too much”. It would be fatal.

Nicolas Boileau-Despréaux wrote : “An idea that is well designed is clearly stated, and the words come easily

here it is, all you have to do is to train yourself and to register on to participate the 1st JUNE 2018 at the START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE, at MY PITCH IS GOOD session.