Who can participate to the Start-up Golf Challenge ?

Who can participate to the Start-up Golf Challenge ?

The Start-Up Golf Challenge is dedicated, of course, to investors and entrepreneurs, but it is more generally intended for all of those who are active in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Our faithful partner France Angels is a partner from the beginning. But the event was able to seduce very quickly Partners from Investment Funds, VCs, Start-Up’s entrepreneurs looking for Seed or more mature companies looking for A Serie or B Serie. The Start-Up Golf Challenge has also attracted influential players like BPI-France or relevant Groups like Atos. The Start-Up Golf Challenge is also aimed at those who act in the ecosystem through dedicated services such as Human Resources.

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start up golf challenge ils nous ont fait confiance

They trusted us

Partners like INFOTEL, CUNNINGHAM LINDSEY, CITEOS, ATOS have given us their trust as Partner. They see the event as a real opportunity to connect differently. It is an opportunity for these large Groups to demonstrate their interest in the ecosystem by participating as a Partner and demonstrating to their client and their competitors all the interest to entrepreneurs. CREATE LINK!

This is exactly what Steve PEGUET, Director of Innovation at the ATOS France, explained to Fabrice Clément, the founder of the START-UP GOLF CHALLENGE  in a one to one interview at the club house of the Golf du Prieuré. Florent RUDOLF director of OAIO at Infotel during an interview said the same thing.

The Start-up Golf Challenge

is also a great accelerator of Business.

Many companies have left the event with opportunities

for partnership and incremental business!

 Sign up to www.startup.golf

Start-up Golf challenge of Paris

The first edition of the Start-Up Golf Challenge in Paris was held in 2017 at the Golf du Prieuré Golf and Country Club. The clubhouse is a superb 12th-century Priory in the Vexin Regional Natural Park.

The competition takes place on the EAST course, an atypical course because it is difficult and hilly. The greens are difficult. This is one of the special features of the course. Regulation is complicated. To find out more, visit the Start-Up Golf Challenge website or the website of Le Golf du Prieuré.

golf challenge Abu Dhabi
Golf challenge genève

Start-up Golf challenge of Genève

The Geneva edition was held in the beautiful golf course of Maison Blanche. Unique and exclusive golf and Country Club belonging to the Genevans.

Founded in 1992 in the heart of the Pays de Gex, its location is ideal because it enjoys a breathtaking view of the Mont Blanc and Lake Geneva.

2 carefully designed courses by Olivier Dongradi and Peter Harradine, the architect of the famous Abu Dhabi Golf Club with his eagle-shaped clubhouse spreading his wings.