What is the Startup Golf Challenge

What is the Startup Golf Challenge

The Start-Up Golf Challenge gathered for several years during one day the entire entrepreneurial ecosystem. This unique and exclusive concept has attracted a large number of entrepreneurs and investors thanks to a dedicated agenda mixing a Golf competition, a Networking lunch and a Pitch session called MY PITCH IS GOOD.

The first edition was held on June 15, 2017, at the Golf du Prieuré. It was won by the Families of the INVESTORS. Thanks to the motivation and the golf dexterity of the winners of this family: Jean-Michel Largenton and Marc Nouchy from BFM Business / Media RH.

Startup Golf challenge ball on the golf course
Start-up Golf Challenge - Definition

The best Golf Challenge in France!

The revenge of the ENTREPRENEURS’family was not that long They won the second edition of Paris on June 1st, 2018, with the awesome victory of Cédric MANGAUD and Caroline GÉLIN.

Today this event takes place in Paris but also in Geneva with its first edition in September 2018, the concept of the Start-Up Golf Challenge seduces more and more. The story continues and beautiful chapters have yet to be written. For this check out our news and subscribe to our Newsletter.


2019 is a beautiful challenge !

Imagine? Deuce, the ball in the center …

in the center of the Tee-Shot area for an explosive tee-shot!

We would not risk bet as both families, Investors and Entrepreneurs,

want to demonstrate their golfing ability on the fairway and on the green.

A Little reminder of the principle, a party is 4 players,

2 entrepreneurs VS 2 investors.

They discuss they are kidding, they gauge themselves, it’s fun!

You can not imagine an entrepreneur asking for money from an investor

while playing golf and joking about what he just did.

But all of this is possible at the Start-Up Golf Challenge.